Redheugh Covid-19 Update: 6 June 2020

As a club, we have considered the most recent government guidelines surrounding the return of grassroots football, and how we can facilitate this at Redheugh.

We have made the decision to implement a trial period of training commencing Wednesday 10 June with the U7s, U9s and senior team training.  This  allows us the chance to observe how this new method of training will work across different age groups.

We will monitor this process and follow official guidance at all times.

The guidance to be adhered to is as follows:

  • All coaches must plan their sessions in accordance with official guidelines.  This may consist of fitness, strength and conditioning and ball mastery.  No group or game related drills to be used in this first phase.  You could use one ball per player, clearly marked for that session if you wish.
  • Sessions will be a 1-5 ratio coach to kids.  Assistant coaches can also have a 1-5 group at same time.
  • Sessions will be allocated a 1 hour time slot, but training itself will be 45 mins in duration.  This allows 15 mins for pre and post training safety measures to be performed.
  • On arrival and departure, everyone is to sanitise their hands at the stations attached to their entrance/exit.  The team coach will oversee this, and dispense sanitiser to minimise the number of people touching the dispenser.
  • As a club, we are making the necessary alterations to our facilities to adhere to guidelines.  Each team training at any one time will use separate access/exit points. Coaches will be advised accordingly prior to training and can share this information with their team.
  • Please ensure you arrive to training on time and await a safe time to enter the pitch.  Distancing markers will be clear on the ground.
  • Players should bring their own drink, clearly labelled with their name.  They will have their own space to place this, and no sharing of drinks is permitted.
  • The club house will not be open to purchase refreshments or to use the toilet.  Please consider this before attending your training session.
  • Prior to training, parents/carers will be asked to complete a club COVID-19 training document.  This must be signed before any player will be allowed to attend a session.
  • It is a parent/carers responsibility to ensure their child is fit and well to attend training.  Please refer to for information on symptoms.  If anyone is experiencing any of these symptoms they must not attend a session.
  • Parents must be present for the entire training session, adhering to social distancing measures.  This is to ensure that if a player becomes unwell, or is injured during a session, they can care for them.  Coaches are not permitted direct contact with any player.
  • Please remember that it is your decision when to return to training.  No one will be penalised in any way for choosing not to return until they feel it is appropriate.  The club will support any decision that you make.
  • Further information will be shared with coaches before they are asked to train.
  • If you decide not to take the training slot offered to you please inform Terry Ritson in order that our system can be kept up to date.
  • Under no circumstances can teams train anywhere except for Redheugh.  Our insurance does not allow for this.

The priority, as always, is the health and welfare of all members of our club.  This whole process will be closely monitored and changes will be made if necessary.

Non compliance with these measures will result in that team being unable to train.

Any questions please ask your coach or contact the club here.

Stay safe

How to help

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